Great American Cheese Collection

Great American Cheese Collection™

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It is our mission to bring together excellent quality, delicious tasting, small production cheeses from around the USA. Through this single source it is our aim to make them more available to chefs in restaurants and food service and to the public via retail stores and farmers' markets.

Representing more than 65 family and co-op producers, The Great American Cheese Collection is the single largest source for America's specialty cheeses.

From the countrysides of Wisconsin, Michigan, New Hampshire, Vermont, Virginia, Arkansas, Ohio, New York, Colorado, California, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Washington, Oregon and Louisiana, The Great American Cheese Collection has gathered an impressive array of over 300 Farmstead and Artisan cheeses.

These are the best that America has to offer and are rated by many chefs to be among the finest in the world. And, indeed, many of these cheeses are World Championship winners.

We invite you to taste these outstanding cheeses and discover the difference.